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How To Insulate Your Garage Door: DIY Or Hire Professionals?

Many homeowners do not realize that their garage door is an important part of energy efficiency. This is because it has a big impact on your heating and cooling bills. This happens because garage doors are often left open while people are doing other activities, causing air to escape from the house.

With garage door insulation, you can prevent cold air from seeping into the house during colder months, saving money on heating costs. Additionally, by taking steps to increase insulation around your garage door, you will also save money on cooling bills in hotter months when heat escapes through the opening between the exterior and interior space of your home. 

Steps To Insulate Your Garage Door

In this blog, we have put together for you the basic steps to follow for insulating your garage door:

1) Remove the old weather stripping around the edge of your garage door

2) Cut strips of new weather stripping, according to what is recommended by your insulation supplier (you can also purchase specially-designed kits)

3) Apply the insulating material. Be sure to press firmly for optimum results.

4) Repeat this process about every 2 feet.

5) Replace the old thresholds with new ones designed to seal off your garage door. They are often available in insulation kits, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. You can attach them yourself or hire a professional to do this for you.

DIY Or Hire Professionals?

This question certainly comes up a lot when you need to repair or install some things at home. While insulating your garage door yourself may seem like an easy project, it can be time-consuming. Plus, you risk damaging your garage door if you do not have professional experience in this area. For these reasons, it is best to hire a contractor to complete this task.

If a contractor is going to install a new garage door and insulate it, you could save money by having this work done at the same time. This will save you the cost of hiring two different contractors, and it is more efficient for your technician to focus on one project at a time rather than trying to do both projects simultaneously.

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Catch You Off Guard

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