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5 Makeover Ideas For The Garage Of Your Dreams

Every now and then, you might want to give your house a little makeover. Some may want to remodel the kitchens and others their bathrooms. But the room that many forget to give some maintenance and love is their garage. Most of them look like plain storage rooms.

Wouldn’t you like to show off your amazing garage on your social media and feel motivated to use it more often?


Here are 5 makeover garage remodeling ideas we think you would love!

New Wall Colors

Picking a new wall color for your garage will give you the feeling of a completely new space. It has been proven that colors change the perception of interior spaces. Choosing the right color will give your garage a positive and pleasant environment. 

Here are some tips for your to choose the right color for your garage renovation:

  • To create the perception of more space, use lighter colors like pale blue, light green, lavender, blush pink, or crisp white.
  • To create the perception of coziness, use warm colors like yellow, brown, green, red, orange.
  • To create the perception of a larger space, use darker colors on the walls like grey, brown, and purple, and keep the ceiling white. 
  • To create the perception of a taller space, use the darker colors in the ceiling and the back wall and keep your side walls lighter.

New Lighting

We all have seen movies when the man changes the lighting to set the room in a romantic mood. Lighting plays a huge part when changing the vibe of a room. If you want to change your garage room to a cozy man cave or a mediation spot in your room, you need to change the lighting.


This change can be very inexpensive and change to help your garage move to a whole new level, just by changing white light to yellow light or vice versa. The mood of your garage will drastically change.

New Flooring

Another way to change the mood of your garage is to change your garage flooring. Most garages have concrete garages that make their garage look dirty and old school. Choosing a high-quality floor would help your garage improve its appearance significantly.


You can choose from epoxy to foam floors. It all depends on your style and need for your garage. 


When you think of garage remodeling, you think of improving the organization, changing furniture, or making a huge decluttering. But, an important change you can make to your garage is to install insulation. This process can be a little expensive, but it’s worth every penny. 


If you live in a state that enjoys all 4 seasons, such as Tennessee, you will experience high and cold temperatures, so insulation should be a must if you think of your garage renovation. 


New Garage Door

Everyone enjoys the feeling of safety, especially in their homes. Many homeowners install security systems to ensure their safety. But, if you don’t have quality doors, your security might be in danger. Many improve the lock of their front and back doors but have you improved your garage doors? Opting for a new garage door will provide the safety you need. 


Replacing that old-fashioned garage door with a modern one will improve the look of your garage inside and out. You can find amazing designs that suit your taste, from garage doors with windows to a modern luxury garage door. 

Don’t Be Scare, Change Your Door.

At Rose Quality Garage Door, we want to help you achieve the garage of your dreams. From simply changing your garage door to improve your security to giving that final touch to your new room. We want to be part of that. Contact us today and get your garage renovation finished!



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