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10 Tips To Winter-Proof Your Garage Door In Nashville

The winter season is right around the corner and with it come heavy winds and thick piles of snow. You have to prepare your home from it, starting with your garage door. You want to make sure that your door is in great condition so that no cold air filters are inside and your belongings are kept safe from any damage.

If you want to protect your garage from any damage or deterioration due to the cold weather, here are some tips for garage door winter repairs you can do!

Clean out dirt and debris

One of the most important aspects of caring for your home’s exterior is making sure it stays clean. During the winter months, leaves and other foliage will accumulate on top of your garage door, so make sure to get them off as soon as possible before they start causing any damage. 

A simple way to do this is by using a broom or leaf blower. Additionally, if you have an aluminum garage door, we recommend periodically cleaning off any dirt and grime since aluminum can become dirty and develop rust very easily.

Cover your garage door

Draping a heavy blanket or tarp over your garage door might not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing to do, but it will prevent any further damage from occurring during the winter months. Also, if you have a garage door that’s made of steel or aluminum, you can purchase protective covers for them to ensure they are completely covered and protected.

Apply multi-surface cleaner

If you have a wood garage door, it will be prone to damage from the snow and cold weather. To protect it from any harsh elements, make sure you use a multi-surface cleaner regularly to keep your wood garage door in pristine condition.

Make routine repairs

Due to the cold weather, garage doors in Nashville, TN have broken seals, hinges, and cables. To avoid any unnecessary damage from occurring to your garage door, make sure you have these issues repaired as soon as possible before they become a bigger problem. 

Check out the warranty

If you have a garage door installed by a contractor or company, then it may have a warranty that protects it from damage during the winter months.

Apply weather stripping

The cold weather can cause drafts to come through your garage door, which in turn may cause it to open and close improperly. To avoid this problem, make sure to apply weather stripping around all areas of your garage door including along the bottom, top, and sides.

Check hinges and latches

Leaning against the inside of your garage door to hold it open may cause problems with hinges or latches that connect your garage door to its frame, so make sure you avoid this at all costs.

Hire professionals

If your garage door has experienced too much damage due to the winter months, then it may be time to hire a professional who has experience restoring and repairing garage doors.

Dust off exterior

Another aspect of caring for your garage door during the winter is making sure that there’s nothing on its surface, so if you have any dirt or grime, then make sure to dust it off before it becomes a problem.

Use lubricant

Door springs are susceptible to damage during cold weather, so make sure you use lubricant on them if they’re squeaking or making unusual sounds. By doing this, you will help avoid any unnecessary damage that may occur due to cold weather.

Prepare For The Winter Wonderland

If you notice that your garage door isn’t working properly or that it could be in better condition, don’t hesitate on contacting Rose Quality Garage Doors. With over 15 years of experience on garage doors in Nashville, TN, our garage door winter repair services will ensure your garage with the protection to get through this upcoming snowy season.

We specialize in broken springs, broken cables, worn hardware, and much more. Our emergency repair services are available 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises in the middle of the night.

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