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7 Things You MUST Know Before Buying A New Garage Door

Garage door services in Nashville, TN are a great investment for your home. You want to make sure the garage door you purchase is durable, energy-efficient, and will last for years to come. There are so many existing styles, colors, and materials that choosing one can get a little overwhelming.

In this blog, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the right choice for your home, taking into account the local weather, home designs, material, and looks.

Know The Different Types Of Materials

There are three main types of materials: steel, aluminum, and wood.

Steel has been used for decades because other materials cannot match its durability and longevity; however, steel also has some downsides, such as being difficult to paint or maintain due to corrosion issues.

Aluminum weighs less than steel, but it needs more maintenance than the other two types of material because it corrodes easily and can’t withstand weather conditions like extreme heat or cold temperatures that would damage a wood garage door over time.

Wood garage doors are convenient because they can suit a homeowner’s tastes and preferences, but wood requires regular maintenance such as sanding and re-painting. It also needs proper insulation because it is prone to warping, rotting, and other issues due to water damage from rain or snow getting into the crevices.

Schedule An In-Person Evaluation

Every garage is different, and ordering your door online without performing a proper evaluation can result in a waste of your money and time. Technicians will check opening size, shape, headroom, and side clearance, for you to make the best decision. Make sure to schedule an in-person garage door service in Nashville, TN to avoid any future problems and misunderstandings.

Improve Your Insulation

Switching to polyurethane insulation is the key if you want to save up energy and keep your garage warm. This will cost you about 15 to 20 percent extra, but it’s worth it. You can measure the insulating effectiveness of your garage door through its R-Value. The larger the R-Value, the better it insulates.

Choose High-Quality Springs

Without good-quality springs, your garage door wouldn’t be able to go up and down smoothly. Spending a little extra on high-quality torsion springs will ensure 20,000 cycles, which is more than enough for you to open and close your garage door with no issues for more than 5 years.

Consider Replacing Your Garage Opener

If you’re installing a new garage door, consider including a new garage door opener. Due to age and overuse, your opener will eventually start to fail, so you’d better change it before it surprises you. If you have an old model, you can replace it with a more advanced and quieter one, making your experience even better.

Upgrade It With Windows

If you choose the right garage windows, these will give your home the style you want. Windows upgrade your garage in many ways, not only providing amazing style but also extra light, security, privacy, and temperature control. There are different types of glass for your windows, and depending on the type you choose, it adds extra benefits to the structure.

24-Gauge Steel

If you decide to buy an insulated steel door, make sure that it’s made from at least 24-gauge steel. Keep in mind that the bigger is the steel number, the thinner the steel will be. If you don’t have proper insulation, you’ll require a thicker steel door to prevent any dents.

Where To Find The Perfect Garage Door?

The answer is, of course, at Rose Quality Garage Doors. If you’re planning to replace your old and outdated garage door with a stylish new one, we are your perfect ally. We work with the best brands, and our technicians are fully trained and updated with the latest trends on garage door repairs in Nashville, TN.

We assess you to choose the perfect door for your garage, considering the style, size, and material. If you want to change your garage door but need an expert opinion first, we are more than happy to help you from the beginning till the end of your shopping process.


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