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4 DIY Garage Decorating Ideas For The Holidays

December is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking about how you will decorate your home for the holidays. This doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. In fact, you can begin from your garage door. There are many creative ways to spruce up your garage to make your home more festive this time of year.


Garage doors can be tricky spaces to decorate because they are so large and flat, but we’ve got 4 easy DIY Garage Door Decoration ideas that will help get you started.

Let’s Get Creative With Your Garage Door

If you have a blank garage door, it’s time for some decorating. Garage doors are an easy space to add holiday cheer, and you don’t need any special skills or tools to do so. Let’s get started!

1) Add Stickers And Magnets Decorations

Garage door stickers are a great way to add some holiday fun. Magnet decorations are also a good choice; before buying them, make sure that they will work on your garage door material; if they don’t stay on your door, it’s better to consider vinyl stickers that are suitable for use outside.


Magnet decorations tend to last longer than stickers, but both options can give your home a festive touch without spending much money at all. I found that using some magnets or stickers near the door’s seams caused damage. Just a little suggestion: be cautious about putting the magnets or stickers along door seams. If you do this, they may get broken or deformed when the door is moved up and down.

2) Wrap It Like A Present

This is a fun DIY Garage Door Decoration idea that will not cost you anything. Garage door wraps are easy to make and can be done in any color or design of your choice. You don’t have to wrap the whole garage, but try adding some wrapping on certain areas like the top corners for a unique look.


Keep in mind getting weather-resistant material to create your bow. You can make a horizontal or vertical bow stretched across the door. If you choose a horizontal bow, measure the width of the door and then cut your materials to cover a portion of it, avoiding any seams on the door so that your bow doesn’t get snagged.

3) Light It Up

Adding lights to your garage door is a great idea and can be done in any theme of your choice. There are many ways to add lighting, such as stringing lights along the edges or wrapping them around items like wreaths.


When putting the lights on, try to use clips or hooks to hold everything in place, instead of nails or staples that can leave a mark on your door. Also, be careful not to nail anything to the actual garage door panels. This can cause harm to the door and its integrity, and you don’t want to be in need of a garage door repair, don’t you?.

4) Set Up A Projector

Setting up a projector can be fun and festive, especially if you are hosting Christmas dinner for the holidays. Just mount your projector in your front yard so it’s facing towards the garage door, and play some holiday images. Make sure you buy a projector safe for outdoors.

Is Your Garage Door Looking Good?

It’s easy to get creative with your design and make something that will stand out on the street, but is your garage door in shape for Christmas decorations?


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