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Signs To Know When To Replace Your Garage Door

The garage door is one of our home’s most critical parts, and the one we probably use the most. When thinking about home improvements, the garage door plays a significant role in how your home’s aesthetics can change for good. But besides the look, you might be asking yourself what other signs indicate it’s time to change my garage door?

Let’s review five top reasons or signs that indicate it’s time to replace your garage door:

Sign #1: Door Age

Like any other mechanism, the garage door opener and the door itself have a limited life expectancy. On average, a garage door torsion spring and other essential parts of the opener can last a maximum of 10 to 15 years when well maintained, and the door as a whole between 15 and 30 years.

If your garage door was installed over ten years ago, it’s time to start getting it checked more often. And considering a replacement, especially if it wasn’t adequately maintained or if you’re investing too much money in repairs every year. In some cases, even if the doors look like they can keep working for more time, if the whole system is too old, replacing the opener might not be enough. 

A professional garage door specialist should be able to make a proper assessment of your garage door system and advise on whether the doors can be kept.

Sign #2: Security & Safety

Garage door openers are designed to detect objects interfering with their path. However, old models may not be able to sense small objects, pets, or kids. Newer models have extra safety features to prevent accidents from happening, nonetheless with time and when no proper garage door maintenance has been given, they can also fail.

If you notice your door is not closing all the way or the sensor doesn’t trigger the door to reverse when a small object passes through, you seriously need to get it checked. Depending on the condition and how severe the problem is, it might be time to change the garage door. 

Sign #3: Loud Noise & Shaking Doors

Although some old garage door openers are noisy, if your garage doors are making much more noise than usual and vibrating, this could be a sign of a severe problem. 

In most cases, the loud noise and vibration sign that the opener’s motor needs to be replaced. During a garage door maintenance and inspection, a professional can also detect the cause of the problem and prevent accidents.

Sign #4: Energy Costs is Increasing

A vital sign, especially during winter, is high energy bills. In places like Middle Tennessee, it’s essential to install insulated garage doors. Otherwise, heating and energy bills can quickly skyrocket. 

Garage door maintenance can also prevent your door from wearing off, but if you feel like you’re spending too much money too on maintenance, it might be time to replace the garage door.

Sign #5: Speed and Technology

Every year there are improvements and new features that might interest you, like smarter doors with additional sensors, higher insulation, lightweight construction, heavy-duty weather stripping, customizable glazing control depending on the moment of the day, and more. Additionally, if you feel like your garage door is taking more time than usual to open and close, changing the system might be a good idea. 

It’s Time to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

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