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How The Perfect Garage Door Should Look Like

Is it time to replace your garage door? Usually, every 13 years, homeowners and business owners are responsible for replacing or updating their garage door. And, depending on its functionality, the style and parts will vary. 

It’s not the same to build a garage door for a gym as a fancy house, but some essential elements are always needed. Once you understand the different garage door parts and their functions, you’ll be wise enough to select the most appropriate garage door style. 

Now, let’s explore six basic things the perfect garage door should have. 

Strong Springs

Garage doors don’t rely on the motor to produce all the energy needed to lift the door. Instead, the springs are the metal coils that do the heavy lifting in raising or lowering your garage door. They come in two varieties; torsion and extension. 

Torsion springs are located above your garage door, and extension springs run along the top portion of the track on each side. Both types of springs are pretty safe, but torsion springs are thought to be significantly safer and last longer. 

Door Opener

Nothing has been more revolutionary in the garage door industry than the electric opener other than the spring. It typically takes the form of a box hanging from the ceiling, with a cord extending to plug into an outlet. Besides, it contains the motor, which produces the energy needed to set the mechanism in motion.

Garage door openers are the most complex garage door parts since they require electricity and software to function. Many door opener brands have the same essential parts, such as the logic board, radio receiver, motor, gear, chain, etc. When all these pieces are in good condition, they will work together and make your garage door function correctly. 

The Right Garage Door Style 

Appearance is often the top priority for homeowners when choosing the style of their garage door. Garage doors occupy a significant part of your home’s exterior design, so choosing the right one will have an immediate impact on your home’s curb appeal. This also applies to businesses; if you want to attract more customers, you should invest in a great first-impression experience.

Currently, there are many different materials, designs, colors, and windows to choose from. Good advice is to focus on matching your building’s color scheme and style with the garage door. Remember that a mismatched door will throw off the look of your home or business. And, if you need durable and strong material, steel is a great choice. 

Rollers & Tracks 

The track in your garage door is what keeps everything moving in the right direction. They guide the door as it goes up and down and can be installed in standard heights or non-standard heights for low headroom spaces. 

Rollers are small wheels installed along both sides of the garage door. They fit into the metal tracks that trace the path the garage door needs to take. When the system lifts the door, the rollers move along the inside of the tracks to keep the door moving straight up and down.

Safety Sensors

Garage doors are very large and heavy and pose a potential safety hazard if not properly controlled. Since 1992, garage doors have come with safety sensors that can detect if something is in the path of the door and stop it from closing on people, pets, or objects. The sensors are generally small boxes or tubes and are placed less than 6 inches off the ground, one on each side of the door.

Emergency Cord 

The emergency cord is another safety feature that prevents minor and major accidents. It hangs from the door operator, usually with a red tag at the end to make it stand out. When released, it disconnects the motor from the opener. This is useful when maintaining the door or raising the door halfway, as it won’t open or close automatically. 

Choose Your Garage Door Style With Professionals 

The garage door parts mentioned above are the most likely to prevent or stop your garage door operation if they fail. Depending on the contractor you choose, your door may include some of them or use different terminology. So make sure you’re contacting a professional company that guarantees high-quality materials. 

Remember that your garage door style depends on its functionality, and professional guidance is always advised. Rose Quality Garage Doors is an experienced and certified garage door contractor located in Murfreesboro, TN. We’re proud to serve with the highest quality of care and always exceed our customer expectations. 

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