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A Safe Way to Open Your Garage Door When the Spring is Broken

It’s a problem that many people face during the winter; their garage door won’t open because of a broken spring. But what could you do if you’re stuck outside and your car is inside? A broken garage door spring is not only inconvenient, but it’s also unsafe to attempt to open the door manually.


However, with a bit of knowledge on how your garage door works, you can successfully open the door without damaging it or getting hurt yourself. Today, this article will explain how to open garage if its broken, and, we’ll also recommend you a nice option if you need a garage door spring replacement or a garage spring repair.

Open Your Garage in 4 Easy Steps

1. First of all, look for a second person to help you lift the door up. You can ask a neighbor or friend to help you out because it’s very dangerous and might lead to serious injury if you try it yourself. A second person is not extra to help you, the door is hefty, and you’ll have to hold the whole weight in your hands.


2. After you’ve found a helper, shut off the power to your garage. If you can’t find your circuit breaker, turn off all power to your house at the main box outside, as well as unplug any other electrical appliances that may remain connected to the garage door opener circuit.


3. Remove the door from the opener. Search for a handle on a rope hanging 18′′ or so from the J-arm of the opener and pull on it until the machine detaches. This will allow you to lower the door.


4. With the help of your friend, lift the door as high as you can and secure it on some railings or thick beams. You can use a pair of sawhorses for this purpose, but make sure they are strong enough to handle the garage door’s weight.

Look for Professionals

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