There isn’t anything more frustrating done having a damaged garage door opener, especially in the morning when you’re in a rush.

Rose Quality Garage Door can troubleshoot and repair your door’s opener. Our experienced technicians will inspect the door thoroughly and find if there are also other problems. No matter the type of opener you have, we can fix it along with other garage door accessories.


Top Reasons Why A Garage Door Opener Can Stop Working

As silly as it sounds, many homeowners in Murfreesboro forget to check the transmitter’s batteries. If you haven’t done it, we invite you to change the batteries and try to close or open your garage door. However, if it still doesn’t work, here are the top reasons why it also might not be working:

Metal Tracks Not Aligned

As time passes by and with constant use, the metal tracks of the garage doors can go out of alignment. If you notice a space between the rail and the rollers or bends, you need to get in contact with us asap. Operating the doors when the tracks are not aligned properly can be dangerous.

Transmitters Have Lost Connection

On occasions when the transmitter fails, they can lose connection with the receiver. Changing the frequency is usually simple; however, if you can’t find how to reprogram your transmitter, it’s always good to contact a professional like Rose Quality Garage Doors.

Cables or Tension Springs Are Broken

Don’t use your doors if you notice they close much faster than usual, or if it makes a loud bang as it closes and touches the floor. You may find yourself in a situation where you can’t control the garage doors.

How Rose Quality Garage Doors Can Help

If it’s urgent, we can come to you in less than 24 hours for garage door opener repair. Our technicians are knowledgeable and fast, ready to handle any situation. We work and operate all types of garage door openers.

We will visit your property in Murfreesboro and carefully inspect the opener before taking care of the problems. Well-maintained openers rarely need replacement after the first time they fail. If any other parts are creating problems, we’ll let you know.