Are you looking for a more efficient way to open your garage doors?

Whether you’re looking for a manual or automatic garage door opener, Rose Quality Garage Doors offers the best quality and installation services in Murfreesboro. Our efficient and experienced technicians will get your garage doors working correctly in no time.


Types of Garage Door Openers

There are many types of garage door openers, but they are mainly divided into manual openers and automatic openers.

Automatic openers are the preferred type among Murfreesboro residents, for the convenience of opening by just pressing a button and the safety and protection they provide. Among automatic openers we have:

Direct Drive or Jackshaft: 

Direct Drive is a popular system that uses pulleys and cable to open the doors. They help save vertical space and are very quiet. 

Screw Drive: 

They work best with smaller doors that are open by a long threaded rod and gears. If you have a one-car garage, this type of opener could be for you.

Belt Drive: 

This type of opener is the quietest, and it uses a rubber belt around the gear to pull the garage door. 

Chain Drive:

If you don’t mind the noise from a chain drive opener, they are an excellent option for their sturdiness and affordability. As the name suggests, the doors get pulled by metal chains, and they can handle heavy garage doors. 

Reliable Installation Services

When installing your garage door opener, stay away from doing it yourself. Even the most simple model can give you problems shortly after the installation if you try to fix them yourself.

Our technicians, on the other hand, will do an impeccable job. Our reliable garage door opener installation services will guarantee your safety. We have over 15 years of experience and know, install, setup, and operate all types of manual and automatic garage door openers.

Avoid Errors By Hiring A Professional

Avoid errors by contacting Rose Quality Garage Doors. We’ll test the opener several times and follow up on you after the installation to make sure you’re satisfied with our services and that there are no problems with the functionality of the opener.

We work with the best garage door brands and can assess you on which type of opener will be ideal for your door model and needs.