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Spring, the Best Season to Repair Your Garage Doors

Spring is the perfect time to garage door repair and ensure that they are in good shape. Door maintenance is essential for those living in cold winters or hot summers. Doors that don’t work well can let in allergens that make you sick because they have a way of coming in through small cracks or gaps under the door.


After winter passes, there’s usually a lot of damage left behind. Doors are subject to more wear and tear in colder climates because of their exposition to the elements. This article will tell you what to do to make your garage door safe again so that the spring allergy season doesn’t get you.

4 Tips to Take Care of Your Garage Doors for Spring

1. Look for Evidence of Winter Damage

Examine your garage door for damage, such as broken parts or worn-out springs. You can easily repair a bent track, but broken clips and screws may need an entire replacement.


2. Clean the Tracks & Rollers of the Doors

The tracks are where the doors slide up and down when they’re opened or closed, while rollers are the wheels that guide the door up and down. Both are very important for proper function, so clean them thoroughly.

3. Check for Loose Parts & Tighten Them if Necessary

If you find loose or broken parts, tighten them before they cause damage to other parts of your garage doors. This way, you’ll avoid an early new garage door installation.

4. Hire Professional Inspection

Hiring a professional to inspect your garage doors is the only way to be 100% certain that there isn’t any hidden damage. A good inspector will check all parts of the door, replace any, and suggest new garage door installation if necessary.

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