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Fix Your Garage Door Cable in 3 Steps

Garage door cables play an essential role in the overall operation of your garage door. If they break, it can be challenging to open and close the door. If you suspect that your cables are in bad shape, it is crucial to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.


The good news is that replacing garage door cables is relatively easy and can be completed in a matter of hours. This article will cover 4 steps for garage door repair and show you when it’s time for garage door cable replacement.


A Guide to Fix Your Garage Cable

  1. To remove the damaged cable, first shut and lock the door. You can do this by fastening vice grips to the track below the bottom roller or placing a ladder/scaffolding beneath the door to keep it from moving. If you go for the latter, the door mustn’t be completely closed.


  1. Remove the cable from the bottom of the garage door (loop around a peg) as well as the drum (unravel the cable). Follow manufacturer instructions to replace the cable, unravel it, and wrap it around a peg at the bottom of the door.


  1. It’s also possible that the new and old cables aren’t identical, so you should replace them both to ensure comparable lengths. You may also adjust the size of either wire, but you must first remove the torsion spring.

A Garage Door Repair Service in Your Area

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